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5 min readSep 6, 2022

This week we dropped our debut Serie A Digital Video Moments (DVMs). Now here’s the full download on what you can expect next, and in the future. We learned a lot from our Early Access and first public sale. We listened, took onboard your feedback and implemented changes. This is just the beginning, and we will continue to listen and take feedback so you can help us shape the future of the product.


For anyone joining us for the first time, Aera by OneFootball is an exciting new space where you can own digital collectibles featuring the pulse-raising highlights that define Serie A. They can be yours, forever.

By building a multi-licence platform for Web3, our goal is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand digital collectible marketplace where fans around the world can unite to celebrate their passion for football. We’ve launched with Serie A and have an exciting roadmap of new partnerships and initiatives coming down the pipeline soon. Our focus is on accessibility, building an easy to use platform, and most importantly delivering utility for fans. With Aera by OneFootball we are bringing the world of digital collectibles and football together in a single place, so fans can follow what is happening on a one go-to platform. For avid collectors, completing your collection will unlock unique rewards, such as gaining access to digital collectibles, physical merchandise, tickets to matches or even meeting your favourite players.

Come in a start collecting winning goals, outrageous skills, goal line clearances, cat-like reflexes and saves. The moments of skill, drama, and theatrics showcased in Serie A are some of the very best the sport of football has to offer. The most iconic historic and contemporary brought together on a new digital platform, this is your chance to own a piece of that action.


Other sports are already in this space, however this is a global first for football fans around the world. You can participate in the digital economy by owning, selling, and trading DVMs whilst curating a collection that showcases your fandom.

Collectible moments are at the heart of Aera by OneFootball, what brings them to life are packs, challenges, drops, the marketplace, deeper integration with the OneFootball ecosystem, and the connection to a vibrant community of football fanatics.

Serie A Digital Video Moments by OneFootball — Drop 1 is Live

Moments for eternity

Moments are video collectibles curated by the OneFootball team in collaboration with Serie A — each one capturing an iconic play, or performance across the league. Every moment is permanently stored on the Flow blockchain with a host of metadata, all of it for fans to own.

Packs packs packs
Packs are your way to pull the newest moments in Serie A. They come in three pricing tiers, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. With prices at $9, $49, and $249 — there is an option for everyone. Better still, even fans opening Bronze packs will still have a chance to score the Legendary Serie A moments.

Check here to view the full Pack Drop Contents & Pack Odds for the first drop.

Trade and close deals with other fans on the marketplace

The marketplace opens at 16:00 CEST Wednesday, September 7. Grow your collection by searching for moments from your favourite team, or from matches etched in football history. Sell the moments you don’t need and go out and see if you can get the ones you do. Learn more about each club with dynamic pages showcasing each club as you curate a collection of the moments that matter to you.

Complete challenges to win new moments and real-life rewards

Challenges are short-term objectives set for the community with the promise of digital and/or real-life rewards for those that complete them. Each Serie A matchday has a unique story to tell, challenges are the way you can fully immerse yourself in the world of digital collectibles.

Collect the Moments — Unlock the Rewards

We launched our debut challenge alongside the drop 1 — Dream Debut. A celebration of debut goals from matchday 1 of the Serie A 2022–23 season. To get your hands on an exciting reward, all you have to do is collect the four debut goals we’ve picked out before our final whistle blows at 09:00 CEST on Monday, September 12, 2022.

  • Atalanta has time
  • Torino’s pure passion
  • Lecce’s ol’ one-two
  • No sweat for Fiorentina

Grab all of that before the final whistle, and you’ll be rewarded with Did Juventus mean to do that? As an extra time bonus, you’ll be entered into a secondary raffle to win a signed Juventus jersey.

Interconnected with OneFootball

Serving 110M + football fans on web and mobile, OneFootball has become a pioneer for the digitalisation of the world’s most popular sport. Endorsed by, partnered with, and invested in by some of the biggest clubs and leagues — OneFootball’s Web3 vision ties-in to this ecosystem, and creates new types of engagement and value for the community.


Our feature development roadmap is ambitious. To ensure that all new services introduced to the product hit a quality bar, we will undertake extensive testing. In the first season we’ll be rolling out with the following:

Step 1 — Aera by OneFootball MVP: In order to avoid specific areas of the product becoming over-complex in the beginning, we have defined a minimum viable feature set for the product’s launch. This helps us understand which aspects of Aera by OneFootball are best serving the needs of the community, then prioritise and take immediate action on the insights provided by that data.

Step 2 — Future drops: Following the full launch this week, we’ll begin to pick up the pace with more and more drops. These regular releases will feature iconic moments from the archives, and the latest match days throughout the 2022–23 season of Serie A.

Step 3 — Evolution of the feature set: New features are coming to the platform and are going to continue driving forward the mission to revolutionise football. From new types of challenges to utilise your DVMs, to improvements to the marketplace. We want to be able to give you more insights to track your imprint in Web3 and to give the community a deeper integration in Discord.

Step 4 — More leagues and licences: More leagues and federations are joining the ecosystem, including the Bundesliga among others. This ushers in an exciting range of new gamification possibilities through challenges, personalisation, and social features that will allow fans to truly flex their fandom within the community.


As those in the Aera by OneFootball Discord server will know, our team is always grateful to hear feedback from the community — we believe this is a critical part of the process in building a great product. Have your say, and let us know what you love, hate, or are indifferent to in the world of our football digital collectibles. So keep up-to-date and join the conversation here:






Aera by OneFootball

Welcome to the ultimate football destination where we can come together, connect, and share our passion for all things Web3 and Football.