Football arrives in Web3: Introducing Aera by OneFootball

The challenge

The mainstream football fan has not arrived in web3 yet. They are faced with three key challenges:

  1. Complexity — the NFT space can be highly complex, leaving users often with the question of not knowing how to start. And creating an account, called a wallet, on the blockchain can be an overwhelming process.
  2. Fragmentation — There is not a single platform that combines the different football digital collectible projects. Leaving the football fans not knowing where to start or where to follow their favorite football projects.
  3. Value — Fans are facing the question of what these NFT projects represent and what is in it for them. A clear path and an easy to understand value proposition for the NFT collections is key to attract football fans.

Our approach

We at OneFootball aim to tackle the challenges fans currently face by building an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand NFT marketplace where fans around the world can unite to celebrate football. How? By focusing on access, building a single platform, and creating utility for fans.

If you think of football NFTs, we want you to think of Aera


Buying an NFT should be easy and accessible to everyone. In fact making your first purchase in the web3 world should be as easy as buying merchandise from your favourite club’s online store. The current state of the NFT space means doing just that can be quite challenging. Fans should not need to focus on the technology but rather on what matters most, their passion for football. Therefore we have built a user experience, using Dapper Wallet, that simplifies this process, so that fans can use just a credit card and an email address to get started, and also store their NFTs securely.

Single platform

There are many projects out there and following what your favourite football star is up to can demand a lot of attention. With Aera we want to bring the world of digital collectibles and football together in one place, so fans can follow what is happening in a single platform. By working with the leaders in the football industry the Aera platform will connect our global community of fans with clubs, leagues, federations and players — all in one place.


One of the cornerstones of Aera is to build long-term utility for our NFT‘s. That’s why all of our collections on Aera will be built around the passion for collecting and unlocking rewards. Collecting has always been an important part of the football sport experience. Buying packs of stickers not knowing what you will get and adding them to your sticker book is something we can all relate to. On the Aera platform fans will be able to enjoy this experience in the digital space. For avid collectors, completing your collection on Aera will unlock unique rewards , such as gaining access to rare NFTs, physical merchandise, football matches or even meeting your favourite football stars.


Built on FLOW

Aera is built on the Flow blockchain, the fastest growing blockchain in the sports NFT industry, focusing on usability and adoption by mainstream users. Building on Flow allows Aera to charge zero transaction fees, so users never have to worry about paying to use the platform. Importantly, it allows us to keep a small carbon footprint for our project. Minting a single NFT on the Flow blockchain uses less energy than doing a search on Google.


In football everything revolves around a strong community. That’s why we are building the football NFT community in web3. Our channels feature activities, challenges and competitions where you can leverage your knowledge around the world of football to unlock benefits and rewards. The Aera community is a safe space where football fans can engage and share their passion for the world of football. Being an active part of our community will get you close to the NFT football community and keep you up to date about what is happening around the Aera project. Our goal is to connect football fans around the world like never before.



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Aera by OneFootball

Aera by OneFootball


Welcome to the ultimate football destination where we can come together, connect, and share our passion for all things Web3 and Football.