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3 min readSep 7, 2022

The Basics

Today we are excited to launch our marketplace for the officially licensed Serie A Digital Video Moments on Aera by OneFootball. Explore, buy and sell digital collectibles from our very first drop, from at 16:00 CEST onward.

If you are searching for your favourite moment that you want for your collection, you can now find it on the marketplace. In order to find the exact moment you are looking for, use the filters based on teams, rarity and price. You can then sort the listing by relevance, listing time, serials and price to help you find your moment.


Buying DVMs on the marketplace is your opportunity to expand your collection or to collect the missing moments you need to complete our challenges. Once you find your moment, click on “View and Buy” to explore the details. To purchase, hit the “Buy Moment” button, after accepting the terms and conditions. Follow the instructions on the Dapper Wallet to confirm your purchase and complete the transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed it will be delivered straight to your profile and added to your collection.


Listing your moments for sale on the marketplace is easy. When you are on your profile page, go to “My Collection” and choose the moment you want to sell. Click on “View Details” to open the detailed view of the moment. There you can hit the button “List Moment”, this will open a window where you can enter the desired sale price. Prices on the platform must be rounded to the dollar. For example: $2, $5 or $100 (not $2.5, $5.25, $99.99). The marketplace has a minimum listing fee of $2.

Listing or delisting a moment from the marketplace will trigger a transaction on the Flow blockchain that you need to confirm with your Dapper Wallet. After processing the transaction, your moment will be listed for sale on the marketplace.

If you decide to delist your moment prior to it being sold, then you can revisit the detailed view of your listed moment in your profile and hit the “Delist Moment” button. Once again you will need to confirm that transaction with your Dapper Wallet to complete the process.

Fees for secondary sales

For every transaction made on the marketplace we apply either a flat $0.65 fee, or 6% of the listing price, whichever is higher. For example, if a seller lists a moment for $100, the seller will receive $94 in their Dapper Wallet. However, moments listed for $11 or below will incur a flat fee of $0.65, to cover external transaction costs and processing fees unrelated to Aera by Onefootball.

Future features

Expect more features to come to our marketplace in the near future. Including grouping of moments. This will allow you to see all collectibles of the same DVM together in a single view, making it easier for you to choose the one you want. This is a cool feature which will help buyers have a single composed view related to a certain moment, and the prices which they are listed for.

Known Issues

We have tested the marketplace, however, some of you may encounter unexpected behaviour in the buying and selling experience. For example if multiple users are trying to purchase at the same time, only one of them can succeed. The rest will encounter an error message on the top right corner explaining that the transaction has failed. Rest assured that you will not be charged for a failed transaction.

All moments listed on the marketplace are registered on the blockchain. While the listings are updated frequently to mitigate this experience, it can happen that a moment is purchased at the exact moment you are trying to select, which will result in a failed purchase attempt. In the future this will be improved by the grouping feature mentioned above.

If you encounter any other issues, get in touch with our Customer Services or join our community on Discord.



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