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About the Marketplace, Serie A Video Moments and Challenges

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11 min readNov 7, 2022
The start of a regular blog series about the economy of Aera by OneFootball.

This is the start of a regular blog series featuring metrics and key performance indicators of the Aera by OneFootball Marketplace and the Serie A video moments collection. Read till the end to get your hands on a really cool tool that has been built by our community member jcarlosd32.


It’s been now a little bit over two months that we have dropped the first collectibles of the Serie A video moments. Within those two months, we have launched the marketplace and worked hard to improve the experience and launch features for the platform. However, this is only the beginning.

We will talk more about our vision and the roadmap for Aera by OneFootball, and especially the marketplace very soon. In a nutshell: Out vision is to create the most engaging marketplace for football collectibles while enabling fans to create a true digital football identity and unique fandom journeys. Imagine a future in which the best football player awards are powered by the OneFootball community worldwide. Imagine that your engagement with your favorite clubs’ and players’ content on OneFootball and your ownership of digital collectibles will define you as a fan, and your true fan identity will be surfaced in a leaderboard of a specific club. And thus, your identity will unlock exclusive access and a unique voice in the football world for you. These are all ideas we are working on, and will update you on soon as part of our vision and roadmap update.

To continue building this vision, the actions and challenges we constantly bring to the project are guided by a large set of on-chain data collections, with the main objective of increasing the value of the project for our community.

Two months into the journey, we believe it’s a good time to share the overall data about the marketplace, the collection and challenges and we hope that it will help you to understand where we come from and where we are heading to. The timeframe for all the data is 29th August till 3rd November 2022.

Most of the data reveals a fact that we couldn’t be more happy about: We might be a small community today, but the community is very engaged and passionate and is full of collectors that are committed to the project, engaged with the reward challenges, and share their feedback with us.

The Marketplace

Volume and Price

Volume and Price (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

The community trades daily on the marketplace, but spikes can be observed every time a challenge goes live. So far, challenges have been launched every week and one of our top priorities is to have daily challenges in place which bring as much value to as many people in our community as possible.

While we are happy with the almost 5.000 marketplace transactions seen to date, growing our community remains our main priority, and we count on you to help us do it. For this, we plan to continue our marketing & collabs efforts, ship product improvements, and expand our collection portfolio (when the time is right) with some of the biggest leagues in the world.

Activity and Sales History

Sales History of all trades (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

Even though only 10.7% of moments are currently listed on the marketplace, one of our top priorities is to decrease this number even more. In oder to further absorb liquidity from the marketplace, we will deploy burn challenges in the future and, as stated before as our top priority, by bringing more and more collectors (and in time, also hardcore football fans) to the marketplace.

Moreover, we will focus on adding more value for scarce moments, such as Epics and Legendaries, to facilitate trading. That will create a lot of value both for lucky collectors that pulled an Epic or Legendary in a pack, and for more strategic community members that purchase specific moments on the marketplace.

Leaderboard of Marketplace Buyers/Sellers

Top 10 Sellers and Buyers (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

We can see a lot of people that have a great time trading moments and are very active on both buying and selling moments. This chart is not just for your information. We want you to know that we keep a close look on these leaderboards, and that really cool things are yet to come for all collectors which are highly engaged with our platform.

The Serie A Collection

The following charts are focusing solely on the Serie A video moments collection itself. To remind everyone: When the time is right, we will have multiple collections on the Aera marketplace, such as Bundesliga video moments, but also other collections which we want the community to help us shape.

Owner Distribution

Owner Distribution (Snapshot 3rd Nov 2022)

We are very happy to see that there is a healthy distribution of moments across all collectors. By having almost 20% of wallets owning more than 1 moment, we will further focus on creating experiences and challenges for those users. Another effort will be to convert wallets holding just one moment (likely wallets which came onboard for the starter pack initiative) into active community members and collectors.

Disclaimer: This chart does not include the free kicker collectible that has been airdropped to every user that signed up for it. Moreover, the large share of 1-moment holders chart is driven by the starter pack initiative wallets which, as stated above, we want to now help onboard onto our full marketplace’s buying/trading/reward activities.

Top 20 Users Owning Moments

Top 20 Users owning moments (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

Like on any other platform, there are whales in the Aera ocean that accumulate hundreds of moments through pack purchases and via the marketplace. There are in total 85 wallets that own more than 100 moments and on top of the leaderboard is a user that owns, believe it or not, 651 moments! As mentioned before, these are leaderboards that we are closely tracking and which, together with many other engagement angles (some of which will also require lower investments from our community members) will be considered for future perks and challenges.

Top Users Joining Drops

Top 20 Users joining Drops (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

There are multiple archetypes of collectors out there, and besides marketplace traders, there are also people that love to open packs. We are overwhelmed to see that some of you put that much trust in us and enjoy opening packs. Even though there are a lot of people buying A LOT of packs, there are even more people just joining for 1 or 2 packs in drops. The drops need to include different types of packs to be attractive for collectors with more or less appetite for opening packs.

If you are in the top 5 of this list, please reach out to us. We would love to give you a direct contact and have you as an advisor of this project.

Rarity Distribution

Rarity Distribution (Snapshot 3rd Nov 2022)

The distribution of rarities is well balanced, proving the scarcity of Legendaries and Epic moments. The third challenge “Super Saves” provided the opportunity for early members of the project to get their hands on an Epic or Legendary moments which resulted in the distribution of 530 Epic and 59 Legendary moments. Needless to say, we will be way more protective of those scarce moments in the future. If you were already onboard when the “Super Saves” challenge happend, lucky you!

Disclaimer: This chart does not include the free kicker collectible that has been airdropped to every user that signed up for it. Moreover, the chart includes the Common moments given to new users via the starter pack.

Highest Sale by Rarity

Highest Sale by Rarity (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

Marco Tardelli’s amazing freekick from the season 1976/77 climbed on top of this throne. The moment with serial number 44 has been the highest trade on the platform so far. We can also observe that not only Legendaries, Epics and Rares are relevant, but that also Commons have proven their value for collectors. While Epic and Rare moments are what you eventually want to get your hands on, the value of Common and Rare moments is something we will continue to encourage via challenges and rewards.

Moments with the Highest Trading Volume

Moments with Highest Trading Volume (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

Moments with Most Trades

Moments with Most Trades (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

Not surprisingly, challenge building blocks appear in this ranking on top. Interestingly, only 1.323 moments are owned by collectors of “Lecce’s Robot Arms” and it was traded already more than 300 times which is a Ratio of 4.3:1. In a nutshell: Don’t be afraid that your moment hasn’t been traded yet. The next challenge is always around the corner. As seen in the daily trading volume, especially on the day when challenges are announced, the cheapest listed moments which are building blocks in those challenges, are bought right away. No matter if you are looking for those pattern, the most important thing is that have fun while trading your moments!


Challenges are the main utility besides signed merchandise and tickets as of today. We love challenges and we want to create as many as possible since that’s the current foundation for liquidity on the marketplace.

Challenges Completed

Challenges Completed by Challenge (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

In the first few weeks, we have created challenges on a weekly basis for a couple of reasons: We needed to test the process from announcement to airdrop of rewards. Moreover, not all projects are comparable, so we did not just follow the example of Dapper Labs and similar projects and needed to generate our own learnings. The focus for the upcoming weeks is to create a higher challenge cadence, creating engaging quests for as many collectors as possible, and find rewards beyond moments, merchandise, and tickets. There is a survey at the end of the article where you can submit your “wishlist” for rewards.

Challenge Leaderboard

Challenge Leaderboard (All-time: 7th Sep until 3rd Nov 2022)

The graph depicts the amount wallets by completed challenges. There are in total 21 users that have completed every challenge to this day and over 100 users that have completed at least 5 challenges. We want you to know that we are tracking closely challenge completions, and we encourage you to keep your streak to stay on top of this leaderboard. It’s gonna be worth it.

Interactive Dashboard by jcarlosd32

Special thanks to jcarlosd32 for providing the dashboard

By now, most of you know jcarlosd32 who posts accurate data about the collection in Discord and keeps you informed with the data visualisation and his own opinion. He kindly create an interactive dashboard for all moments that are currently in the market including the information about the true edition size, how many have been burned, if moments have been part of a challenge and the original mint count. Feel free to play around with it! Moreover, the dashboard allows everyone of you to filter the moments for drops, rarities, players and much more. Thank you so much jcarlosd32 for sharing and being part of the community, and generating ideas of views we could potentially integrate in the Aera marketplace!

Disclaimer: The dashboard is not fully updated in real-time so please always DYOR. At the bottom of each page you can see data and time when it was last updated.

The future of data-informed collecting

As you can see, our back-office is filled with data and we don’t want you to collect moments without the necessary information. It’s on our roadmap to create a data center that combines not only public data that can be pulled from the blockchain, but also proprietary data that helps you to guide your decisions. An example could be that we show you the page visitors for a specific moment that you have listed. We have all the data and we are working on it to make it available to you in the best possible way. It’s our objective to become the best marketplace for (football) collectibles and we have all the talent that it takes. Please bear with us in the meantime — trust the process, it’s coming, WAGMI.

Tell us your Opinion (in Discord)

Go to #suggestions in Discord or drop your feedback in the comments.

This has been the first edition of this article and we hope that you have enjoyed it and found it interesting. It would mean the world to us if you take 5 min to give us your opinion about the project and tell us how we can do better on a couple of topics. Drop the answers to the following questions in the #suggestions channel in Discord or in the comments on Medium.

  • What other information do you want to see next time?
  • As long as there is no interactive dashboard integrated in the website, what format and cadence do you want to see this data?
  • What kind of challenges do you want to see?
  • What kind of rewards do you want to see for challenges?
  • Do you have any other feedback or ideas related to the blog post?

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