An Introduction to HATTTRICKS

The vision for HATTTRICKS

  • For us, TTT is a project that truly brings football players and football fans together. Online and offline. Something that has never been done before on a global scale. We connect through a digital football collectible game and turn that into a vibrant community of people that are enthusiastic about football, web3 and much more.
  • TTT will become the most powerful player-powered collection that every football player wants to be part of. We will not rest until names like Messi, Mbappé or Cristiano Ronaldo are represented in TTT.
  • This is not a regular football NFT project. This is a playing field for original ideas and a community-driven project that rewards and embraces active community members and their contribution to the project. By creating a digital football collectible game that football fans can relate to emotionally, TTT has the power to bring millions of football fans to web3.
  • TTT is designed to enhance the life of fans who breathe football every second of the day. To strengthen this position, the collection will be connected to the OneFootball app in the future. This will ultimately give fans the opportunity to watch their favourite matches, receive merchandise, be close to the action, meet their idols and get the full experience.
  • This is not only the first collection on the Aera marketplace, but will also be one of the flagship projects for the years to come. It’s the start of a journey that will unfold in the metaverse where we unlock the full potential. TTT has already attracted the interest of global brands and other NFT projects as it is part of the OneFootball, Dapper Labs and Animoca Brands ecosystem.

A collector’s album

  • Nostalgic appeal among football fans who have grown up trading Panini sticker cards. Every football fan once held one of the stickers in their hand.
  • A proven mechanic amongst web3 and NFT-savvy people who are familiar with digital sports collectibles. The video moments from NBA TopShot were the first ones to make NFTs in sports popular.
  • A project that is focused on the athletes rather than the leagues. The artwork is co-created with the athletes and pioneering digital artists.
  • An object with a front and a back. One that is suitable for 3D design which will look super cool on our website.




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