As our Dream Debut challenge has come to an end, we hope you had fun collecting all the goals from the debutants. Winners will be contacted via email and your reward will be airdropped into your collection soon.

As one challenge closes, it opens up the stage to Challenge #2


Trying your luck can sometimes lead to the spectacular, the beautiful game often rewards players that are willing to try the unthinkable — now it’s your turn.

For this week’s challenge it’s a celebration of the amazing attempts made in Matchday 1 of the Serie A 2022–23 season. The reward… get your hands on two Bronze packs, all you have to do is collect the four ‘attempt’ moments currently available:

  • Sampdoria’s THUMP
  • What could have been for Empoli
  • Bologna has options
  • Crying shame for Sassuolo

Final whistle will blow at 10:00 CEST on September 19.

As the same as last time, anyone who completes the challenge will be entered in a raffle to win a signed jersey from each of the featured clubs. Good luck and see you in the marketplace.



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