Challenge #3: SUPER SAVES

The third challenge is now live! Don’t miss the chance to earn amazing prices.

To qualify for the reward, start scouting and secure four of the most exciting saves from the opening matchday of the Serie A 2022–23 season.

The required moments for the SUPER SAVES Challenge are (4 moments in total):

  • Monza’s reflexosaurus rex
  • Lecce’s robot arms
  • King of Spezia’s castle
  • Sassuolo’s cannonball

Rewards: 1 of 6 Digital Video Moments

10% Chance of a Legendary Moment
90% Chance of an Epic Moment

As an extra time bonus, we’ll be raffling 50 match tickets for Serie A, winners will be emailed an entry form to select a preference of the match to attend.

Enjoy our website with NEW amazing features:

Good luck!



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