Do they know it’s Aera Christmas time at all?

Check out if your eligible for our insane XMAS rewards or what you’ll need to do to secure your spot!

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7 min readDec 19, 2022
We wish you Merry Christmas! Check out if Santa is happy with your collection.

The year is almost over and it’s time to celebrate our most engaged collectors. In this blog post, we explain to you what the stakes are, how you can secure that you are part of the winner list and when the rewards are going to be distributed. The current standings are snapshots from Dec 16th and we will share an updated leaderboard on December 22nd.

The following collectors will be rewarded

  • Top 10 users that completed the most challenges
  • Top 10 users that own the “best” collection by team
  • All users that own a legendary Moment
  • Top 10 users with the highest activity in Discord

Moreover, we have two “challenges” for you this week!

What could you get?

  • The ability to post a message on the perimeter board in the stadium
  • A signed Argentina jersey by World Cup champion Paulo Dybala
  • A signed jersey of your favourite team
  • An exclusively rare minted Moment
  • Any Moment of Drop 3
  • Discord privileges
  • OneFootball merchandise package

Top 10 Users That Completed the Most Challenges

Get on the perimeter board of the match Juventus vs Fiorentina

How many challenges have you completed?
Attach any message and image and hope that it will be part of a Moment

There are challenges day in, day out. We want to reward the most engaged collectors. You will be able to share an image and a short message on the perimeter board in the stadium for the match JUV v FIO on 12th February. Imaging what you could show there. It could be anything, like a message to your wife, partner or children. You could even propose via the perimeter board or you could display your avatar or favourite NFT.

There’s even more. Imagine that your message is visible when a player scores a goal. If this goal will be minted as a Moment and your message is visible, you will get that Moment additionally!

Additional info

  • The type of challenge (transfer, kicker, lineup) is irrelevant
  • Snapshot time will be 24-Dec-2022 / 6:00 pm GMT+1
  • In the case of a draw for spot #10, we will give the reward to everyone with the same number of completions as well
  • All images and messages will be checked. Not allowed is any NSFW, advertising, political messaging or explicit content
  • Data Center: Check out the Challenge Leaderboard as of 16th Dec

Users That Own the “Best” Collection by Team

Receive a signed jersey of your favourite Serie A team

Who got the best collection of AC Milan, Cremenese or SSC Napoli?
Climb the throne of the best collection of any Serie A Team

If you are a die-hard fan of one of the Italian Serie A clubs, this is the chance to secure a signed jersey. The user that owns the “best” collection of a Serie A team will receive a signed jersey of exactly that club. All collectors will be ranked based on the following scoring system:

Scoring System

  • Legendary: 10 points
  • Epic: 5 points
  • Rare: 3 points
  • Common: 1 point

Additional info

  • Snapshot time will be 24-Dec-2022 / 6:00 pm GMT+1
  • In the case of a draw, the user with the most Legendaries wins. If that’s also the same, we look at Epics, then Rares and ultimately at Commons
  • Data Center: You can find the current standing as of 16-Dec here:

All Users That Own a Legendary Moment

Do you own a legendary Moment?

We’d like to reward all people that are part of the Legendary club. That’s why all users that hold a Legendary Moment at the time of the snapshot will receive an exclusively minted Rare Moment. Which Moment is this going to be? We won’t tell you yet, but this Moment will only be distributed once.

Additional Info

  • You will receive only one Rare Moment, no matter how many Legendary Moments you own
  • Currently, 143 wallets own a Legendary Moment
  • Snapshot time will be 24-Dec-2022 / 6:00 pm GMT+1
  • Data Center: Check out all wallets that hold a legendary as of 16th Dec 12:00 pm GMT+1

Top 10 Users With the Highest Activity on Discord

Being an active contributor in Discord gets rewarded

It’s not only about the Moments you own, it’s also about how much time you spend with us and the community — and that’s mainly happening in Discord. That’s why we will upgrade your role and you will be able to post images and external links in the #serie-a-chat if you are among the Top 10 Discord Members this year. Moreover, we will get in touch with you to send you a small OneFootball merchandise package.

The most active members will receive a small merchandise package from us. Pending availability of sizes.

Additional Info

  • Spamming and other mechanisms do not contribute to have a good score in the community, our discord team monitors and filters the rankings with the proper criteria.
  • This is a permanent privilege, but if a community members exploits this privilege, they will lose this right (Spamming or posting images that infringe the community guidelines)
  • Snapshot is done as of 19-Dec-2022 / 12:00 pm GMT+1
  • Timeframe: The entire year 2022 (all channels)
  • Data Center: Check out where you rank in terms of activity amongst the community

Not yet part of the Discord server? Join here:

Challenge: Post your wishlist, get rewarded

What’s on your wishlist?

In the week of 19th December 2023, you have the chance to post your wishlist on Twitter. Each day we are asking you to post on Twitter to have the chance to get the Moment gifted.

Here’s what you’ll need to do

  • Post the name and the image of the Moment that you’d like to get gifted. The Moment needs to be eligible.*
  • Tag @aera_football and use the hashtag #AeraXMASMoments
This is how your tweet could look like.

Each day, you can ask for a different rarity

  • Day 1 (20th Dec): Commons (10x winners)
  • Day 2 (21st Dec): Rare (3x winners)
  • Day 3 (22nd Dec): Epic (2x winners)
  • Day 4 (23rd Dec): Legendary (1x winner)

*Eligible Moments

  • Only Drop 3 Moments, you can find them in the dashboard here.
  • Please be aware that you’ll need to select a Moment from a different Rarity each day.

Raffle: Win a Signed Jersey of Paulo Dybala

Win a signed Argentina jersey by Paulo Dybala

Last but not least, we are giving away a signed Argentina jersey by World Cup champion Paulo Dybala. What do you need to do? For every 10 USD that you spend on the Aera Marketplace this week, you get one ticket for the raffle on January 2nd. If you have ever played with the thought of buying a legendary or epic moment that is quite expensive, take the chance and earn tickets for the raffle!

Additional Info

  • Timeframe: All transactions on the Aera Marketplace between 19th Dec 0:00 AM GMT+1 and 24th Dec 6:00 pm GMT+1
  • Collections: It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing Serie A Moments or Footballer’s Journey Panels
  • Packs or Marketplace: Every USD that you spend will be counted, no matter if packs, panels or moments

Delivery of Rewards

The snapshot for all rewards will take place on 24th December 2022 at 6:00 pm GMT+1.

The Aera team will be one week out to enjoy the holidays as well. In the first week after New Year’s Eve, we will get in touch with all winners of any of the rewards.

Therefore there won’t be an Airdrop Thursday on 29th December 2022, but again on 5th January 2023!

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