Drop 2 — Get Ready!

The Mint Counts

*after adjustment via burning as described in the blog post

The Drop

General Information

  • The drop will go live on Wednesday, September 28 2022, at 16:00 CEST
  • Eligibility: this is a public drop that anyone can join
  • The waiting room will open 30 minutes before the drop, at 15:30 CEST
  • By clicking ‘Buy Now’ you will automatically join the queue
  • Upon completing the queue, you will automatically be redirected to the pack purchase page and you have 10 minutes to purchase the pack
  • Max packs per purchase: 20 x Bronze packs; 10 x Silver; 3 x Gold

The Packs

  • $9 per pack
  • 3 moments per pack
  • Chance for Rare, Epic, Legendary moment
  • 4,350 available
  • $49 per pack
  • 4 moments per pack
  • Guaranteed one Rare moment or higher
  • 500 available
  • $199
  • 4 moments per pack
  • Guaranteed one Rare and Epic moment or higher
  • 150 available
Detailed overview of the pack odds.
Select one of the three packs available. Each one of them gives you a different chance to receive a Rare, Epic or Legendary Moment.

Circulating Supply & Treasury

  1. Within in Drop 2 packs: All digital video moments that can be acquired by joining the upcoming Drop 2
  2. Treasury: Those video moments that are not packed, and will be in the Treasury. Common and Rare Moments will also be present in future drops, in very low quantities whereas Epic and Legendaries will only potentially be used for future marketing activities and challenges, as well as vintage drops in 2023.
Distribution of moments originating from Serie A season 2022–23 match day 2–4.


  • 63x Common
  • 22x Rare
  • 13x Epic
  • 10x Legendary
The drop contains 108 individual moments of which 10 are legendary ones.

Featured Moments

Matchday 2

  • An expert at work: The ball doesn’t even hit the ground before Sassuolo’s Domenico Berardi drills it at goal. The volley is so expertly executed, the opposition’s goalkeeper never stood a chance. His hands must have hurt after touching that. [Domenico Berardi | Sassuolo | Goal | SAS - LEC]
  • Timeless finesse shot: He receives the ball on the edge of the area, and foolishly enough, the opposition’s defenders leave him with plenty of space to have a nice run up before he shoots. With great skill, Atalanta’s Ruslan Malinovskyi produces a finesse shot that gives his team the lead against AC Milan. Timeless. [Ruslan Malinovskyi | Atalanta | Goal | ATA - ACM]
  • Mere spectator: He receives the short corner at the edge of the box. He then feints a run wide, only to go inside when the defender is about to make a challenge. Now the stage is set, and AC Milan’s Ismael Bennacer knows exactly how to act. Beautifully curling his shot, he shoots and converts, reducing the opposition’s goalkeeper to a mere spectator. [Ismaël Bennacer | AC Milan | Goal | ATA - ACM]
  • The peach: What a mind-numbing, rule-bending, gravity-defying shot from Napoli’s Khvicha Kvaratskheila, leading up to an absolute peach of a goal. [Khvicha Kvaratskhelia | SSC Napoli | Goal | NAP - MON]

Matchday 3

  • Flawless: He receives the ball in space, near the edge of the box. But rather than shoot at goal or cut inside to get himself into an even better position, Lazio’s Pedro unexpectedly passed the ball backwards. There, Lazio’s Luis Alberto receives it, who straight up thumps it in. What a move, what a strike, what a goal. Flawless. [Luis Alberto | Lazio | Goal | LAZ - INT]
  • All the world’s a stage: All the world’s a stage, and Juventus’ Dušan Vlahović is merely a player. Here, he steps up beautifully to convert a free kick, for which he receives a standing ovation from the public gathered at Juventus’ Allianz Stadium. [Dusan Vlahovic | Juventus | Goal | JUV - ROM]
  • Tip of his toe: The ball is heading in the right direction. All AC Milan’s Olivier Giroud needs to do is give it some guidance. And so he does. Just enough, with the tip of his toe. The opposition’s goalkeeper barely stands a chance. [Olivier Giroud | AC Milan | Goal | ACM - BOL]

Matchday 4

  • Buon appetito: Put a whole lot of power and a little bit of finesse in a pot and let Empolo’s Tommaso Baldanzi add his spice to it. This might be what you end up with. What a delicious dish. Buon appetito! [Tommaso Baldanzi | Empoli | Goal | EMP - VER]
  • True art: A shot from distance requires a run-up to the ball. It’s common sense. But true art defies common sense. Behold Lecce’s Lorenzo Colombo score a timeless classic of a goal from a standstill position. [Lorenzo Colombo | Lecce | Goal | NAP - LEC]
  • We’ll meet again: Sometimes, saying goodbye hurts. Other times, saying goodbye is beautiful. But most of the time, it’s both. Watch how Atalanta’s Josip Ilicic feels all of these emotions and more as he says goodbye to his friends. [Josip Ilicic | Atalanta | Special | ATA - TOR]



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