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4 min readSep 1, 2022

We’re listening and learning. Once again, we thank you, our fans and Early Access members for being with us at the start. But now it’s time for us to give back to you. We have made the decision to burn 75% of the packs and digital video moments of our first drop. We will also hold some packs back, which will be gifted to those who were in Early Access as a thank you for being part of the first ever drop of Serie A digital moments. These packs will be Airdropped into your wallet within the next 24 hours.

So what will be Airdropped to you?

Everyone who purchased packs during Early Access will be gifted an extra pack for each one they bought. That means, if you bought 10 Bronze packs, you will receive 10 more Bronze packs. If you bought 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 6 Bronze, you will receive 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 6 Bronze more.

As some people experienced missing packs, we discovered there was an issue with storage size, this was easily rectified. But if you already own a number of collectibles, there is a chance this may happen again. We are aware of it, and there is a fix already in place that if you hit your storage capacity, it will automatically increase for you, but it will take around 15 minutes. So please bear with it.

Quantity adjustment

August 29–31 was our pre-sale, and therefore not 100% of the complete drop. But we want to take the feedback that we hear from our community, and use it to improve the experience for you, and for everyone else who joins in the future. So as well as burning the excess packs from Early Access, we are also adjusting how many packs and moments are available at the first general sale on September 5.

Don’t worry, any DVMs purchased so far are yours and will remain in your wallet. Edition numbers will stay the same, even if they are over the new circulation number, so with the new collection size of Common’s being 5,000, your DVM would still be 8,400 of 20,000.

Originally we had

Early Access: 75,000 packs

General Sale: 75,000 packs

Treasury: 3,750 packs

Rarity Numbers

Common: 12,000–20,000 per Moment

Rare: 4,000 per Moment

Epic: 750 per Moment

Legendary: 99 per Moment

These numbers were based on competitive analysis and projections, as well as our potential reach and the number of people that had shown interest in the early access. But we’re willing to admit things have changed, so we are adapting our plan appropriately.

Adjusted rarity numbers

Moving forward, for our drop on Monday we will have

General Sale: 20,000 packs

Treasury: 20,000 packs

Rarity Numbers

Common: 5,000 per Moment

Rare: 1,000 per Moment

Epic: 188 per Moment

Legendary: 25 per Moment

Future Drops

In the future, as we expand our reach, more and more football fans will get on board with digital collectibles. That means over time we will readjust the quantities we make available, while also keeping a balanced economy. For Drop 2 later this month, we will keep these new adjusted quantities.

Our numbers will not be set in stone for all time, rather we will look to adapt them to the ever growing community. At the same time, we won’t over index on the numbers, as we want to ensure the rarity of the different types of moments.

Calculating drop numbers is a complex balancing act, and it’s important that we keep adapting and being flexible. So we will continue to listen to you for future drops as we grow. Your voice matters to us and will always do so.


The treasury is an important aspect of the Aera platform. It helps us to reward engagement, encourage new users, and make Airdrops now and in the future. Any packs in the treasury are included in the total supply so won’t affect edition numbers, but may never be used. Our treasury will be reduced by 75% inline with the reduction in DVM/Pack numbers.

Our next steps

  • Communicate the collection adjustments to everyone.
  • Airdrop the packs to everyone who purchased during our early access.
  • Unpack all Packs, burn 75% of the entire collection using true random.
  • Repack the Digital Video Moments for our public sale on Monday 5th September.

This is just the start, so thank you for bearing with us, and keep the feedback coming on Discord.

Update 04.09.2022: In this article we communicated the new mint count for our Epic moments after the burn of 75% will be 250, although it needs to be 188, as 25% of the original mint count of 750 is ~188 moments.



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