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Forget CryptoSlam, there’s a more advanced dashboard now

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5 min readNov 22, 2022
Now you can check every transaction on the Aera by OneFootball marketplace!

We keep listening to our community. One of the most demanded features by our collectors is to have full visibility on the real transactions performed in the One Football Marketplace. A couple of weeks after the publication of “Aera Economist Vol. 1”, our first dedicated article to key metrics of the collection, we are very happy to go one step further today. This time we will not elaborate on the registered activity during the last few days or weeks. We have something much better. Go and explore the data yourself! Keep reading and you will find out how to do that.

Transparency just reached a new level

It is our clear objective to become the best marketplace for (football) collectibles. Providing access to data with total transparency is one of the key pillars of strategy. This is the most powerful tool not only to generate trust in the community but also to allow collectors to take data-informed decisions. While we progress with our intention to create a data center that combines public and proprietary information pulled from the blockchain, we take a significant step forward today making public all historical transactions in our marketplace. Furthermore, you will be able to explore it yourself dynamically and map it with all the relevant attributes of our collectibles.

To make this dashboard available, we have collaborated with the Discord data wizard jcarlosd32! We provided him all transactions of the marketplace and you can read in this blog post what crazy machine he has built for us, you and the entire community!

Powerful filtering

The great thing about the dashboard is that it comes with filtering functions that are specifically built for the Serie A Collection. You can basically analyse every moment, every team and much more.

Here are the filtering options:

  • Moment (Name or ID)
  • Drop
  • Team
  • Season
  • Type
  • Challenge (yes/no)
  • Rarity

Access to Marketplace Transactions

As of today, you have access to the following visualisation panels where Marketplace Transactions — along with other relevant pieces of information for collectors — are publicly available. You will be able to find insights in different panels.

Marketplace Transactions (1/2)

This is the heart of the dashboard. This view is your new tactical board. You can check the top-line numbers of the Aera by OneFootball marketplace and the Serie A collection.

  • Total transactions
  • Total marketplace volume
  • Total number of sellers and buyers
  • Transactions by day
  • Marketplace volume by day
  • Total Marketplace volume by club
The top-line numbers of the Marketplace. this tells you almost everything about the collection!

Marketplace Transactions (2/2)

Here comes the detailed view: Every transaction. This is the raw data of the marketplace. Filter for transactions by Video Moment and check their all time sales history. You won’t find any more granular data.

Check out EVERY sale that has ever been made on the marketplace

Marketplace Listings

The Aera marketplace search allows you to search for any moment. We love the search, it’s lightning fast, it forgives typos and it offers basic filtering functions. Nevertheless, the grouping has not been in place yet. This dashboard allows you to check instantly all listings of a specific moment and to compare the serials.

Check all listings and filter by moment, team, season and much more

The Collection

This is what you are already used to by now, but jcarlosd32 enhanced it. Check every one of the 269 available Digital Video Moments of Serie A. How many are in circulation, how many have been burned and much more. Here are some explanations for the terms used in the dashboard:

  • Min Tx: Lowest sale of the moment (all time)
  • Max Tx: Highest sale of the moment (all time)
  • Vol $: Sales volume of the moment on the marketplace (all time)
  • LA ($): Lowest ask for the moment (currently)
Find hidden gems that you still need for your collection in the Collections view

⚠️ Disclaimer — Read me

Please pay attention to the refresh dates of each panel. In this first release data is refreshed in recurrent batches and not in real time.

It’s your turn: Link to Dashboard

Now that we have explained everything you need to know, it’s time for you to play around with the dashboard yourself. Filter for the missing moments in your collection, find hidden gems and great deals and prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges!

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Aera is the NFT marketplace for football fans, a digital collectibles platform featuring the biggest clubs, leagues, federations, and players in football. Built to make digital collectibles accessible to all, Aera is the home for football fans wanting to connect and share their passion in the digital space. When fans think about football collectibles, they should think about Aera. The Aera marketplace is built by OneFootball Labs.

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The OneFootball Labs joint venture is set to deliver a new era of football fan consumption, providing accessible, affordable, and unique fan experiences that will drive mass adoption of blockchain technology in football. These products will be offered at different price points to make them widely accessible, and fans will also be able to purchase and store digital collectibles with just their email and a credit card. Animoca Brands, the company advancing digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse, OneFootball, the world’s largest football media platform, and Liberty City Ventures are part of the joint venture.

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