Platform Update

  • Grouping in the Marketplace — we know this can be a messy place, so let us help you organize your search! All offers of the same moment will now be grouped all together and you will have the opportunity to search through them using our filters. A much cleaner experience!
  • Replay your Pack Opening sequence: You got a legendary in a bronze pack? Really? You swear? The wait is now over — you can replay any opening of a pack you had! Let’s make the bragging rights visual!
  • New Profile sorting: As a good collector you own a lot of your favourite moments, and it’s difficult to remember them all? You will now have the capacity to sort them the way you want.
  • New User improved entry flow: NFT and blockchain is all about education. We are currently re-thinking our entry flow to make sure people have a much better first time experience: understanding our concept, creating your account and wallet, and then collecting your favourite moments.



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Aera by OneFootball

Aera by OneFootball


Welcome to the ultimate football destination where we can come together, connect, and share our passion for all things Web3 and Football.