Serie A Strikers 9 — All You Need to Know About The Drop


The most important information that we applied to the Strikers 9 Drop.
  • Drop: 16:00 CEST — 25 October 2022
  • 3,000 Packs
  • $19 per Pack
  • 3x Moments Per Pack
  • 10 Packs Per Transaction
  • Queue Opens 15:30 CEST
  • On Sale for 48hrs Only

Read on for all the important Drop details…


The drop features all of the four rarities
GOALS GOALS GOALS — we have removed all attempts


Mint Count of New Moments (Matchday 5 +6 and Striker Moments)
Collectibles Hidden In Drop By Matchday


  1. Within Strikers 9 packs: All digital video moments that can be acquired by joining the upcoming Drop 2
  2. Treasury: Those video moments that are not packed, and will be in the Treasury. Common and Rare Moments will also be present in future drops, in very low quantities whereas Epic and Legendaries will only potentially be used for future marketing activities and challenges, as well as vintage drops in 2023.
Circulation of Moments of the Strikers 9 Drop


  • $19 per Pack
  • 3x Moments per Pack
  • Chance for Rare, Epic, Legendary Moment
  • 3,000 Available
  • On Sale For 48hrs Only
Fresh Pack Design for the Drop
There is a 24.5% chance to get a rare or higher



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