Serie A Strikers 9 — Our 9x Iconic Moments Revealed

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3 min readOct 20, 2022


You’ve hopefully seen the deep dive on our 9 iconic Serie A strikers from the 90s, if not you can catch up here.

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Let’s take a dive into the Historic Moments we’ve selected. In no particular order…

A Symphony of Movement for Lazio: Christian Vieri

Football transforms into a symphonic experience once collective movement becomes instinctual. When Lazio hosted Fiorentina in January 1999, Christian “Bobo” Vieri exchanged an intuitive one-two with Marcelo Salas before rifling home a trademark ferocious shot from range. That flick, that back heel — pure harmony.

A Dutch Master on Display at AC Milan: Marco van Basten

The Dutch Masters were known for their impeccable brushwork, but one maestro stood out for his immaculate footwork. Once Marco van Basten picked up that loose ball in October 1990 against Cagliari, the irresistible run and clinical finish were inevitable. An opening goal that still feels like an oil painting come alive.

Acrobatics for the Ages at Juventus: Gianluca Vialli

A bicycle kick is considered the pinnacle of finishing. Pair perfect execution with a despairing lunge by the keeper and the sound of the ball smacking the crossbar — and you have Gianluca Vialli’s goal for Juventus at Cremonese in October 1994. Acrobatics worthy of Cirque du Soleil for the ages.

Poetry in Motion at Fiorentina: Gabriel Batistuta

Some goals are a love poem to the beautiful game. This prime example of such an ode was composed in March 1998 when Fiorentina hosted SSC Napoli. Gabriel Batistuta flicks on a pass, before spinning around to receive a crafty backheel return pass and burying the ball in the net with his weaker left foot. Poetry in motion.

A Meteoric Strike for Lazio: Hernán Crespo

Football rarely affords you second chances. Yet if it does, you need to take them. When a save by the Fiorentina keeper fell to the feet of Lazio’s Hernan Crespo in December 2001, the Argentinean maestro struck the ball on a half-volley to deadly effect. A meteoric strike that never stopped rising.

German Precision for Udinese: Oliver Bierhoff

Rumour has it that Germans consider precision the highest art form. All the more fitting that this engineered cross floated into the box in December 1997 was nodded on perfectly into the top-right corner by none other than German goal machine Oliver Bierhoff. In this case, precision equals pure emotion for home fans.

Golden Ratio for Sampdoria: Vincenzo Montella

Some goals are just perfect. A clean strike followed by a beautiful trajectory into the top corner. These are the kind of shots that leave a goalkeeper no chance. Vincenzo Montella delivered one of these moments in January 1997 during a hard-fought away win for Sampdoria. The football equivalent of the golden ratio.

Unstoppable Cannon Blast for SSC Napoli: Antônio Careca

Certain hits are so ferocious they leave keepers helpless. Antônio de Oliveira Filho, known as Careca, scored such a cannon blast when SSC Napoli visited Bologna in April 1990 on their way to the title. Tight control in the box followed by a whiplash of a shot into the top near corner, befitting of a generational talent.

Beauty from Chaos for Bologna: Giuseppe Signori

A scramble for the ball is rarely considered an expression of the beautiful game. Yet sometimes chaos breeds beauty, as in when Giuseppe Signori latched onto a loose ball on the edge of the box in January 1999. A crisp volley that leaves the keeper sprawling on the ground with the net billowing and fans in ecstasy.



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