Tifosi Selection Moments in the Spotlight

A look at the Moments our Community has selected for the next drop

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6 min readJan 24, 2023
The Tifosi Selection Set will be part of the Drop on 31st January

This is the second of four blog posts that will give you all the information you need to know about this highly-anticipated release. We are covering the Importance of Sets, the Moments of the Tifosi Set, the Set Reward, and all details about the drop. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be the first to know about the Tifosi Drop. Check out the drop

Tifosi Selection Set

The Tifosi Selection Set is a true collector’s dream, featuring 10 rare Moments that capture some of the best moments of the first half of the 2022/23 Serie A season. These Moments were selected by the community through a Twitter poll, making the set even more special. Think of it as a treasure hunt, where 8 out of 10 Moments of the set are hidden in packs, waiting to be discovered by you. The remaining two moments are exclusively obtainable via 2 set-related challenges with Tifosi Moments as requirements, adding a sense of excitement and accomplishment to your collection journey.

As you collect the moments, you will have the chance to win an EA Sports Supercup jersey by Inter Milan or AC Milan jersey, with the AC Milan jersey being signed by the likes of Ibrahimovic, Giroud, Hernandez, Leao and Tomori.

Are you ready to start your Tifosi Selection Set collection? Don’t miss the drop on January 31st, as there will only be 500 packs for sale. But don’t worry, we’re also giving away 250 early access spots to collectors who participate in challenges and community events. Set your reminder for the drop here and join us on Discord to secure your early access spot.

To learn more about sets, read our blog here.

To complete the set, you are required 8 Moments hidden in packs and 2 Moments that can be obtained via set-related challenges

Moments in Packs

Juventus’ Guiding Light

An irresistible run from deep inside the own half, a perfect pull back pass, and a sumptuous finish. Juventus’ Filip Kostic shows his pace and determination for the prior, Adrien Rabiot opens up his body to provide the latter. This is how you guide home the opener in a high-stake encounter on a Sunday night.

Juventus / Adrien Rabiot / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Goal

The Irresistibility of SSC Napoli

A driving run is an art form within the beautiful game. SSC Napoli’s Khvicha Kvaratskhelia embodies the irresistibility of determination and pace as he picks up a pass on the halfway line and powers down the wing into the box. He holds his own before slotting an elegant shot home off the far post — a model of willpower.

SSC Napoli / Khvicha Kvaratskhelia / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Goal

Sassuolo Stand Firm in Adversity

Heroes are born in the face of adversity, in moments when an individual needs to step up for others. When Sassuolo goalkeeper Andrea Consigli finds himself facing a powerful header from close range, he taps into that hero potential to keep his team in the game by, almost incredibly, keeping the ball out.

Sassuolo / Andrea Consigli / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Save

Atalanta’s Exquisite Art of Passing

The art of passing epitomised in a single Atalanta move. Giorgio Scalvini plays a beautifully weighted long-range pass into a path of Luis Muriel from deep in his own half. Muriel steadies himself before playing a delightful ball across the penalty area for Ademola Lookman to sweep the wonderful move home.

Atalanta / Ademola Lookman / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Save

Lecce Accept Graciously

A polite guest always accepts the host’s gifts graciously. An unfortunate touch by the opponent sends Lecce’s Lorenzo Colombo clear through on goal. From here forth it is pure skill, however. His determined run and magnificent near-post finish have nothing to do with luck. The clinical nature is devastating.

Lecce / Lorenzo Colombo / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Save

Monza’s Dazzling Run

Mistakes are an integral part of the game, of life in general. It depends on what you make of them. When Monza’s Dany Mota Carvalho is gifted the ball high up the pitch, his dazzling run is capped off by an artful sidestep in the box and a confident finish that goes through the keeper. Two up and buzzing.

Monza/ Dany Mota / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Save

Late Defensive Heroics for Bologna

The force of slide tackling is strong in Bologna’s Adama Soumaoro. With the game delicately poised at 1:1 in the last minute of regular time, he produces a magnificent recovery run to prevent an almost certain winner for the away team. The elegance of that extended leg — a thing of true beauty. Chapeau!

Bologna / Adama Soumaoro / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Defence

Salernitana and the Art of Goalkeeping

Some elegant footwork by the opposition leaves Salernitana’s goalkeeper Luigi Sepe face-to-face with an offensive midfielder almost destined to score. Yet the keeper remains strong in the face of adversity, remaining upright long enough to anticipate and parry the low short from close range. A towering presence.

Salernitana / Luigi Sepe / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Save

Distribution of Moments

The above Moments are the eight (8) available in the Tifosi Selection Drop. The AC Milan moment and Torino Moments (see below) will not be included in packs as it will only be obtainable via completion of two set-related challenges with Tifosi Moments as requirements.

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Moments via Challenges

AC Milan’s Irresistible Soloist

Football is a team sport. Yet every orchestra has soloists who are adored by audiences. AC Milan’s Brahim Díaz picks up the ball in the centre circle and embarks on an irresistible run into the box, shrugging off defenders on the way. The calm finish into the bottom corner caps it off magnificently. What a solo. Encore!

Sassuolo / Andrea Consigli / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Save

Torino’s Unusual Hattrick

A striker scoring a hattrick is considered a moment to remember. Yet isn’t a goalkeeper pulling off three magnificent saves in quick succession equally magnificent to behold. Torino’s Vanja Milinkovic-Savic pulls off this rare feat to keep the score level. All things perfect come in threes.

Sassuolo / Andrea Consigli / #99 Edition Size / Rare / Save


When is the drop happening?

How many packs will be available?

  • 250 packs for early access drop
  • 250 packs for public drop
  • 250 packs via transfer challenge

How can I get an Early Access spot?

Join and participate in our Discord, follow the Challenges on aera.onefootball.com

What is going to be the pack price?

25 USD

Is there a pack limit per collector?

There is no limit per collector. Each drop is first come, first served.

How many collectibles are going to be in the pack?

3 Collectibles of which 2 are Commons and 1 is a guaranteed rare Tifosi Selection Moment. Check out the Pack Content.

Which rarities are in the drop?

Each pack contains 2 Commons and 1 Rare. There are no Epics or Legendaries to be found in this pack.

What are the Tifosi Selection Moment?

The Moments have been selected by our community. You can find them in this list.

Are these new Moments?

All rare Moments are completely exclusive for this drop. The Common Moments featured in this drop are already in circulation. This drop is all about the rare Set Moments.

What’s gonna happen with packs that are unsold?

They will be entirely burned after the drop.

How many and which Moments do I need to burn to get a pack in the transfer challenge?

You need to burn any 10 Moments of your choice. The best thing is: You can do that over and over again until the entire contingent is gone.

Why should I join this drop?

This drop brings so many great additions to the collection. Besides getting a guaranteed Rare Moment, you will have the chance to complete the Tifosi Selection Set and to secure a one-of-a-kind EA Sports Supercup Moment. And if that’s not enough: By holding that Moment, you have the chance to win a signed EA Sports Supercup jersey by Inter or AC Milan. Signed by the likes of Ibrahimović, Giroud, Hernández, Leão and Tomori.

Where can I learn more about sets?

Read our previous blog post.

When will sets be integrated on the marketplace?

This will still take some time and we are working on the implementation of sets in your profile and as well as highlighting the Moments in your collection and on the marketplace.

When will the sets of old moments be announced?

All Serie A Digital Video Moments ever minted will be part of a set. The Tifosi Selection Set will be the first set and we will introduce more and more sets over time — including all the Moments you already own.



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