They’re all gone — Burning Update

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3 min readOct 28, 2022

This is the most anticipated blog post that you have been waiting for. We promised to burn all remaining packs of drop 1 after we have taken it offline. But we’ve done more than that, we have burned almost all moments in the treasury from Drop 1. You can take a quick look at the original announcement or simply keep reading.


This project started with a mint count that was simply too high for the community that we had at the end of August when the Early Access Drop went live. After the first burning event in which we burned 75% of the overall supply, we went live with 20,000 packs in Drop 1 and promised that we would burn the remaining packs that are not sold. We have assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that we need to do more than that. That’s why we have burned almost the entire treasury of Drop 1 Moments. This blog post provides all the information about this burning event.

You can find the detailed information about every drop and every serial here: Circulating Count Drop 1

Which moments have been burned?

The short answer: Almost all moments from Drop 1 in the OneFootball treasury.

Affected Moments

To remind everyone: Drop 1 consisted of 36 historical moments and 36 moments from Serie A matchday 1 — 2022/23. You can view the entire list here: Moments — Drop 1

Overview of burned treasury

You can view in the following table the overview of moments that have been burned.

Left in Treasury

We have held back a random Serial between 1 and 10 of each Moment for the treasury. We have many ideas for what we can do with them in the future, but for now, they will simply stay in the treasury. You can find the serial that is held back in the sheet as well.

Circulating Count of each Moment

You are certainly wondering what the circulating count of these moments is and we can finally share the list. As you can see, some of you will own some pretty scarce moments. For transparency we are attaching the original edition size below.

*All editions available. Can be hidden in unopened packs, owned by collectors or in the treasury


Why did it take so long to publish this blog post?

We assed the situation carefully and we played with the thought of burning the entire treasury, but we didn’t want to rush into things.

Why have you airdropped moments from drop 1 as a challenge reward for GOALS GALORE?

The burning event of the entire treasury took place after the rewards for GOALS GALORE have been distributed. The GOALS GALORE challenge promised a random Rare, Epic or Legendary so Drop 1 moments from treasury were still possible to get. In hindsight, it would have been better to exclude those moments from the reward pool. Nevertheless, we are happy for the ones that have received one of those moments.

When will you release a feature that shows the circulating count on the marketplace?

That’s the most anticipated feature for the marketplace, so please bear with us. We are already working on it and it’s just a matter of time until we release it.

When will we release the numbers for Drop 2 and Drop 3?

We will release those numbers next week.



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