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Burn any 10 Moments to get a pack

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4 min readFeb 1, 2023

There are in total three ways to get Tifosi Packs and tomorrow the Transfer Challenge Drop starts. In this blog, we are giving you all the information you need and answer the FAQs.

This is a great opportunity to get turn your duplicates or Common Moments into a fresh pack

Drop Recap

Yesterday, the Tifosi Early Access Drop concluded and all 250 packs were sold out within two hours! The Public Drop is still live and at the time of writing, 152 packs are still up for grabs. If you want to learn everything about the drop, read our previous blog post.

That being said, there are now two ways left to get your hands on a Tifosi Pack:

  1. Join the Public drop (LIVE — expires Feb 5th 6 pm CET)
  2. Join the Transfer Challenge drop (Goes live on 2nd Feb 4 pm CET)

Let’s BURN — Transfer Challenge Drop

Let’s get to the part you are actually here for! In the following, we are explaining all the details of the Transfer Challenge Drop. If there are any remaining questions after this blog post, make sure to raise them in Discord, we are happy to assist you there!

Core Idea

The core idea of the Transfer Challenge Drop is that you can burn any 10 Moments and get a Tifosi Pack in return. Why should you do that? Maybe you got duplicates, unwanted Moments or just for the fun of it.

Available Packs

There are 250 Packs in total that can be obtained via the Transfer Challenge.

Multiple Challenges

You can complete each Challenge only once (1). The good news is that each day, we will activate three (3) Challenges which means, you can burn up to 30 Moments per day to receive up to three (3) packs in return.


There are in total 250 Packs than can be obtained. The number of Challenges will depend on the completions.

Here comes the timeline of the Transfer Challenge and it works as follows: On day 1 (2nd February), we will activate three Challenges (1st, 2nd and 3rd Edition) and everyone is able to complete up to three (3) Challenges. If less than 250 completions are recorded, we will activate another set of Challenges on day 2, and so on until one of the following events take place

  • We have reached in total 250 completions across all Challenges combined
  • We reach the last day of new Challenges which is Sunday, 5th February

That being said, there will be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of twelve (12) Challenges be active. It will depend on the completions and we will update you accordingly via email and Discord.

First come, first served

The Transfer Challenge Drop is first come, first served. There are 969 Wallets that own more than 10 Moments and could complete this Challenge right away. As soon as all 250 Packs are gone, we will close the Challenges.

Challenge Go-live time

We are setting the Challenges live each day at 4 pm CET.

Pack Airdrop

All Tifosi Packs that are rewards of this challenge will be airdropped on Monday, 6th February. If you want to rip packs in the meantime, join the Public Drop.

Find the Challenges

You will find the Challenges on the Aera Challenge Page. As soon as the Challenges are activated, you can select your Moments to burn and complete it. PLEASE NOTE: We will only have the active Challenges on the Challenge page and we’ll remove the expired ones to ensure that the page is not confusing. Your Challenge entry is recorded and you’ll receive your reward even though the Challenge is not on any more.

This is what you should look out for on the Challenge Page


  • Is there a difference between the packs of the Transfer Challenge vs. the Drop? No, they are the same. When you join the Public Drop, you are accumulating raffle tickets to win a signed football by AC Milan players.
  • Does it matter in which order I complete the Challenges? No. Any ‘Tifosi Challenge Drop’ Challenge you complete will be registered and you’ll receive the respective reward for it.
  • Which Moments can I burn in this Challenge? Any Serie A Moment, it’s entirely your choice!
  • Will we get updated on the number of packs left? Yes, we will update the community on a daily basis or when we have hit 250 completions and the challenge drop is over.
  • I don’t see the Transfer Challenge from previous days, what’s going on? To keep the Challenge Page comprehensive, we will remove the past Transfer Challenges entirely from the Challenge hub. You will still have your proof of completions and you’ll receive your reward.
  • Am I part of the raffle for the signed AC Milan jersey if I take part in the Transfer Challenge Drop? No. That raffle was a perk of the Early Access Drop. If you join the Public Drop, you obtain raffle tickets for the a signed AC Milan football.



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