Your Fan Collectible is arriving. But there’s more…

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3 min readOct 13, 2022

Today, we are airdropping the OneFootball x Serie A Kicker Collectible 2022/23 into your profile. Everyone who has registered prior to 14:47 CEST 13/10/22 is eligible for this airdrop.

This free collectible is an exclusive animated piece of artwork that depicts the OneFootball and Serie A logos coming together — representing the start of our partnership from this season on.

It’s more than just a token of our gratitude though, it’s a special collectible that has unique utility within our ecosystem.

Firstly, it’s Soulbound — which means it’s yours alone and is not tradable, it’s a permanent non-transferable NFT. This collectible authenticates that the owner has been a supporter of this project from the beginning. Its purpose and utility extends beyond that. With its introduction to our ecosystem we’re introducing a new dimension to Challenges, giving you more ways to earn rewards. That’s what we call the Kicker Challenge.

OneFootball x Serie A Kicker Collectible


We’ve been listening to our community, and know how eager you are to see new engagement opportunities and chances to win through Challenges. And though we will continue to mostly run Lineup Challenges, we’re excited to put this one into the ecosystem.

So how does it work? Like in our previous challenges, you will be required to collect a specific set of collectibles to complete the challenge. The OneFootball x Serie A Kicker Collectible 2022/23 gives you an advantage. It can replace any building block that you are missing to complete the challenge as a ‘super sub’.

To give an example: If there is a ‘Kicker Challenge’ that requires you to collect 4 video moments and you hold at the time of the snapshot 3 out of 4 collectibles and the OneFootball x Serie A Kicker Collectible 2022/23, you are considered a winner!


We still want to offer new community members the ability to experience the joy of football fandom and the Serie A digital video collectibles without the need of spending money. Therefore, new users will be able to claim a free Starter Pack from now on The Starter Pack contains a free Common collectible and is available right away. This gives any fan the chance to level up their fandom and start their personal collection.

Check the starter pack content here:

Additionally, we want to say thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey so far. Therefore the Starter Pack is airdropped to every user who has bought a Pack or a Digital Video Moment on the marketplace. These Common collectibles are exclusive to the Starter Pack and will never be featured in future drops. To open your Starter Pack, access your profile and navigate to your packs.



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