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4 min readNov 11, 2022
There is a lot in stock and it’s coming soon.

Challenges are one of the most anticipated experiences and right now the main utility behind the Digital Video Moments. If you have missed the previous blog post where we have discussed some of the key metrics of challenges, feel free to read that first.

In this blog article, we will discuss what we are currently working on and how challenges will evolve in the next couple of weeks and months. There are some great improvements underway! In short: More challenges, more variability, more reactiveness, and more communication.

More Challenges

Higher Cadence

In the first couple of weeks, we had a challenge each week. From the very beginning, we wanted to launch a challenge every day. This process is not that easy in a small team, but we are working hard to achieve that. The first step was the release of our Content Management System (CMS) that allows us to launch challenges without initiating website releases.

More Variability

Challenge Types

As of today, the challenges are either Lineup or Kicker Challenges. Soon (definitely in 2022), we will introduce Transfer Challenges which will give you the feeling of trading on the schoolyard. In those challenges, you will need to burn the challenge building blocks to receive a more rare and scarce moment.

Number of Moments

Four moments, no matter what the challenge is about. This will soon be an issue of the past and there will be some collector challenges that require more or less than four moments.

Moment Categories

Right now, challenges require specific moments and you can’t select moments based on your own collection. We are working on a component that lets you select any applicable moment for the challenge. With that feature, we can have challenges that require any moment of a certain category, like team, rarity, player or season and it’s your choice which is the best moment to snipe on the marketplace.

More Reactiveness

Reward Scarcity

Some challenges draw more attention than others and that should be reflected in the scarcity of the reward. For this new challenge reward we will mint new moments that haven’t existed before. The mint count is defined by the number of challenge completions. With this approach, tougher challenges reward collectors naturally with more valuable moments.

Automated Airdrop

Right now, challenge airdrops are done manually and thus take much more time than necessary. We are in the midst of automating this process. Until then, airdrops will happen once per week on Thursdays, regardless of when the challenge ended.

More Communication

Teasing of Challenges

From now on, we will give more hints what the challenge or the building components could be. This will help you to speculate a little bit on the moments and to figure out moments before other collectors do.

Winner Announcement

Winners get their email about utility like merchandise and tickets, but we also want to make this more public now. From now on, we will always publish a list of the winner address for every challenge.

Rare Week

One of the first new concepts that we developed is that the building blocks of the challenges are tied directly to the outcome of the match on the weekend. Matchday 15 will take place this weekend, featuring the top matches Juventus v Lazio and Milan v Fiorentina.

Next week, some challenges will feature Rare Moments of the the winning teams, so when you watch the game, check out the marketplace and secure already some of the building blocks for everything that comes next week. Stay tuned, there might even be daily challenges!

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