Early Access update — the fixes

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3 min readSep 2, 2022

What can we say… our Early Access was a rollercoaster. We have listened, and learned a lot. Thank you for your continued patience and feedback — it helps us shape what we’re doing.

So what have we been working on since Monday:

Collection Size

If you didn’t have a chance to see our blog yesterday, you can find it here. TLDR; we have burned 75% of inventory in order to rebalance the economy, and for those who took part in the Early Access, we are giving them a like-for-like gift of packs. We will continue future drops with the lower pack count, while continuously assessing these numbers sensibly as the community and amount of people in Aera by OneFootball grows.

Missing Packs

There was an issue with storage size, and some people’s packs went missing. They were returned to the smart contract on the blockchain, and by that nature it meant that they were always secure and we were able to track them all and return them to the rightful owner. Happy days.

However, for those who already own a number of collectibles, there is a chance this may happen again on Sept 5 as we open up for general sale. We are aware of it, and there is a fix already in place that if you hit your storage capacity again. Your storage will be increased within 15 minutes, and your pack will be returned to you. Do not open the pack for 15 mins as you may see the same problem.

We are working with our partners on a long-term storage solution.

Pack Openings

We’re aware of certain technical glitches on pack openings. Some may have even seen the wrong DVM on reveal — with this one the moment in your wallet is the correct one. We have made a change to the way we detect moments which should stop this from happening again. We know this is a really important part of your journey.

Duplications and Packing

There is an ~8% chance of getting the same moment in a single pack, although every moment is unique by its serial number. You will be able to sell these on the Marketplace once it opens next week. We use true random for the packing process, but we will continue to monitor the situation, and should we see any anomalies we will communicate and adjust.

Quality of Moments

Who wants a substitution?! Well, each special moment has a reason, and football topics are always up for debate… or a bit of banter.

  • AC Milan’s Ultimate Supersub — Charles de Ketelaere is a hot prospect for the future, and on match day 1, made his debut in Serie A after a big summer move from Club Brugge.
  • Spezia’s end game — One of the historical moments, from back when Spezia were in Serie B, this backheel goal was instinctive and a point saving equaliser away from home.
  • Salernitana roaring crowds — The opening goal in a 2–0 win against Inter Milan, contributing on their route to saving relegation.
  • Step into the Salernitana Arena — their first match in Serie A after their great escape in a 2021–22 relegation battle.

The Original List

There were some discrepancies on our original list of all the DVMs in Drop 1. Our Bad. We have amended it, and we’ll publish it with the general sale on Monday. We will start updating our blog on a regular basis to list full content drops, so keep an eye out for it.

As always, please keep the feedback coming on Discord. We are listening to you.



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