Introducing Challenges 2.0

Burn Challenges and New Challenge Mechanics

There is a lot in stock for Aera collectors

Challenges are evolving (fast)

  • Higher Cadence (’More Challenges’): We have accelerated our process and we have launched 12 Challenges in 19 days and in the week of Nov 14th, we had daily Challenges. ✅
  • Reward Scarcity (’More Reactiveness’): For the first time, we had Challenges like Total Tonali or Absolute Africa where the scarcity of the reward was based on the number of completions. ✅
  • Teasing of Challenges (’More Communication’): We have given hints in Discord for almost every Challenge — we certainly felt those alpha-leaks were a fun puzzle for our community members. ✅
  • Winner Announcement (’More Transparency’): All Challenge winners, their votings on rewards and what they have won can be seen in our weekly winner announcement list. ✅
  • Challenge Types (’More Variability’): We have teased that Transfer Challenges are coming. Today we are thrilled to share the very first Transfer Challenge with the community. ✅
  • Moment Categories (’More Variability’): Up until now, you always needed four specific Moments to complete Challenges. Today we announce that we have released a selection modal that allows you to choose Moments based on categories. ✅
  • Number of Moments (’More Variability’): Today we’re still bound to 4 building blocks per Challenge. We will begin adding variability to the total number of building blocks in a Challenge soon.
  • Automated Airdrop (’More Reactiveness’): We continue with our Airdrop Thursdays to give a reliable airdrop date. The systems are prepared for an automated process and we will be releasing this to the platform soon.

Transfer Challenges have arrived

A new Challenge type is about to be released: Transfer Challenges

Creating value for Moments across the entire collection

  • Upgrade your collection: By transferring Moments out of your collection, you as a collector can upgrade your collection and secure exclusive Moments. This could mean to transfer 4 Common Moments to receive a Rare Moment.
  • Get rid of Moments: So far, the only meaningful way to get rid of Moments in your collection was to sell them on the marketplace. Now you have another way to divest collectibles that you own multiple times.
  • A new strategic level: For every Transfer Challenge, it’s important to consider the impact. If a lot of collectors are burning the same Moment, it might actually be worth not taking part — or acquire the building block right away. New game theories apply!
  • Deflationary effect: Collectors will choose their duplicates or Moments that are listed the most on the marketplace. As adoption for Transfer Challenge grows, a deflationary effect will take hold on the Aera marketplace, and the demand will overtake the supply of such Moments.

Burning Moments Made Possible Through Web3

We designed Transfer Challenges to be as simple as possible
  1. Select required ‘building block’ Moments from your inventory
  2. When all building blocks are selected, click SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY
  3. Confirm the entry by clicking COMPLETE CHALLENGE, and sign the Dapper Wallet transaction.

When they’re gone, they’re gone

Step-by-step tutorial

Your Proof of Completion

  • First come, first served: With this new mechanism of identifying winners we unlock a new dimension of ranking winners through the order of completion. So, keep a close eye on upcoming announcements regarding Challenges where the prizes for the quickest wallet to burn the required Moments could net rewards far-exceeding the value of the normal prizes on offer!
  • On-chain track record: So far, the Challenge completion was tracked in the Aera systems and can be retraced by checking the blockchain transactions. By receiving the FLOAT, you have a permanent token and record of your Challenge participation — 100% on-chain.

A New Component to Build Challenge Entries

  • Moment categories: Challenge requirements can now be expanded to any level of our Moments metadata, so look out for Challenges that require building blocks for any Rarity, Play Type, or Club instead of four specific Moments.
  • Selection modal: It’s essential to give full control to the Moments that are burnt through Transfer Challenge — especially when you need to transfer ‘any Rare’. That’s why we’ve developed a selection modal. It will provide you a filtered list of the Moments you own and that can be used for the Challenge.
  • Entry validation: Throughout the Challenge entry flow we’re checking against the marketplace to ensure you can’t burn listed Moments, and that the same collectible is not selected twice.
With the new Component, you can select the exact Moments that you want to burn


  • Will you be able to select the moments that will be burned? Yes, you are in full control and you need to confirm twice.
  • Is it possible to complete one challenge multiple times? No, you you can only complete it once — burn once and get the reward only once. The Challenge page will show you that you have already completed the Challenge.
  • If the first completion is rewarded with a special prize, will you have challenges for different time zones? Yes, we will take that into account. We won’t use this mechanic every time and we will announce those Challenges further in advance.

The Big Picture

1) Badges

2) Sets

3) Leaderboards

The First Transfer Challenge

Turn your attempts into a goal: The first Transfer Challenge is here
  • What could have been for Empoli — Common
  • Bologna has options — Common
  • Sampdoria’s THUMP — Common
  • Crying shame for Sassuolo — Common



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