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3 min readSep 9, 2022

For those just joining Aera by OneFootball, Digital Video Moments are enabling a new generation of fans to own the best action from mouth-watering fixtures throughout the Serie A season, and also unlocking the chance to get them even closer to their favourite team and players.

Through collecting and trading digital moments in challenges on OneFootball’s marketplace, fans will also be in with a chance of unlocking real-life experiences, including exclusive access to their clubs and players — via stadium tours, match tickets, and meet and greets — iconic merchandise, and other digital rewards in the form of rarer moments.

You can read more about the first Debut Challenge on our previous blog here.

This is your moment…

Moments come in a variety of rarities. The more special the action from the game is, it will impact its value within our relevance matrix. This takes into consideration factors such as the player — superstar, hot prospect, legend; the player context — debut, first goal, last appearance; the team — favourite or underdog; the match — was it a derby, clash at the top of the league, relegation battle; its meaning to the match — winner, last minute equaliser.

There are a number of things that we take into consideration in determining which of the following rarities each moment becomes.

Common: most common collectibles on OneFootball’s marketplace.

Rare: rarer than common moments, demonstrating greater technical skill, or having had a more influential impact on the game or season.

Epic: even scarcer than rare moments, demonstrating epic moments of skill or have had a big impact on the game or season.

Legendary: the rarest moments. They will be the most iconic, game-changing and awe-inspiring pieces of skill demonstrated in Serie A.

Historical Moments

We all have moments that are etched in our memories from games of the past. From an insane goal, to a crazy piece of skill that made your jaw drop. These are hard to forget in terms of the moment, and form part of our love for our club. Sometimes the moment is just an artform. Like Shevchenko’s legendary full length of the pitch run and perfectly placed finish against Bari in the 1999–2000 season. Or Spezia’s end game from back when they were in Serie B, this backheel goal was instinctive and a point saving equaliser away from home — it’s something that lives in the club’s history and the lifelong memories of their fans.

Serie A, teams, and moment names

Football is a team game. We support our favourite clubs, we follow them through the highs and lows over our lifetime. It’s not just about individuals, and we like to celebrate that by naming the moments to ensure they first and foremost highlight our partnership with Serie A and the clubs.

We will continue to address our collection portfolio. There are plans in place to bring in more leagues and federations to join the ecosystem, including the Bundesliga, among others. This ushers in an exciting range of new gamification possibilities through challenges, personalisation, and social features that will allow fans to truly flex their fandom within the community.



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