Opening day of the Season — Drop 1 + Dream Debut Challenge

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3 min readSep 5, 2022


Kick-off! Serie A Digital Video Moments (DVMs) are going live today.

This is a landmark day for us at OneFootball, and we cannot wait to bring you on this journey with us as our first ever football DVMs are available for fans to own moments they love. We are creating the future of football fandom for all.

The Drop

The Aera by OneFootball storefront will open up globally at 16:00 CEST, where all packs will be available to purchase. To be ready to buy your favourite packs we highly recommend that you join the queue from 15:30 CEST onwards.

Available Packs

  • Gold: 300 packs
  • Silver: 3,224 packs
  • Bronze: 16,476 packs
  • Total for general sale: 20,000 packs
  • Treasury: 12,094 packs

Numbers per Rarity

  • Common: 3,000–5,000 per moment
  • Rare: 1,000 per moment
  • Epic: 188 per moment
  • Legendary: 25 per moment

Highlights from the first drop

Matchday 1 from Serie A saw a number of key moments, especially in the form of debuts, as a total of 5 players scored on their first runout for their new clubs!

You can find a full list of all the moments in Drop 1 here


The marketplace will open on Wednesday, September 7, time 16:00 CEST


The treasury is an important aspect of the Aera platform. It helps us to reward engagement, encourage new users, and make Airdrops now and in the future. Any packs in the treasury are included in the total supply so won’t affect edition numbers, but may never be used. Our treasury was reduced by 75% in line with the reduction in DVM/Pack numbers — full details


Launching with our first public drop on September 5th, our debut challenge will also begin, so start collecting.

Club debuts can be daunting, but great players take it in their stride and get their names on the scoresheet — now it’s your turn. Our very first challenge — DREAM DEBUT — is a celebration of debut goals from Matchday 1 of the Serie A 2022–23 season. To get your hands on an exciting reward, all you have to do is collect the four debut goals we’ve picked out before our final whistle blows at 09:00 CET on Monday, September 12, 2022.

  • Atalanta has time: Ademola Lookman is the first debut goal you’ll need. First he makes the run to receive the pass. Then he utilises a simple but effective trick: the feint shot. Defender falls flat on the ground, and now, Atalanta’s new winger has all the time in the world. He thinks about it for a second, then decides to smash it towards the far post. Click click, boom.
  • Torino’s pure passion: Torino’s Aleksei Miranchuk knows when to make the right call. Sometimes, it’s unwise to just blast the ball at goal. Sometimes, it’s better to use precision. To lightly tap it, just outside of the opposition’s goalkeeper’s reach, right towards the far corner.
  • Lecce’s ol’ one-two: As a striker, you love it when your teammate passes the ball deep at exactly the right moment. The defenders don’t even have the chance to come with the offside trap. Lecce’s Assan Ceesay capitalises on that lovely little pass blasting it towards the far post, right where the keeper can’t reach it. It’s the ol’ one-two.
  • No sweat for Fiorentina: Luka Jovic is the final debut goal you’ll need. The defender is on his back as he receives the ball. No sweat for Fiorentina’s Luka Jovic. He steps forwards, tricks his man, turns around, and after a cheeky little feint, blasts towards the far post.

Grab all of that before the final whistle, and you’ll be rewarded with Did Juventus mean to do that? by Angel Di Maria. And as an extra time bonus, you’ll be entered into a secondary raffle to win a signed Juventus jersey!



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